Need a healthy chat? Are you worried about your child? Are you running into something that you are struggling with? Are you looking for information and tips or more intensive psychological counseling for your family? Is there a need for additional research.

Then take a look at the offer for your child and your family. You are always welcome in my practice in Maasmechelen or save time and I come to your home. During the week this is also possible in consultation for the Leuven / Mechelen region.




 Online sessions.


Having your children at home 24/7 is a real challenge for many families during this corona pandemic. Especially when the parents work from home. It is often not obvious because certain routines are broken, so that the normal fixed structure that the children know disappears. This often inevitably leads to additional challenges, concerns and regular conflicts. This is normal, but can often lead to additional stress within the family.

So do you need a someone to talk to, extra tips and support? Send an email to and briefly state what your situation is and what you're currently going through. I will contact you as soon as possible to see what the options are.

Given the current corona crisis / pandemic, I provide additional online sessions via WhatsApp / Whereby / Zoom of about 45 minutes for the families who need it. The cost of this is 35 euros. It is best to check any (partial) reimbursement with your health insurance.

From the moment the corona measurements are lifted, you are also welcome in my practice in Maasmechelen or the session can take place at your home.

Keep it safe during this challenging period!


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