Need a healthy chat? Are you worried about your child? Are you running into something that you are struggling with? Are you looking for information and tips or more intensive psychological counseling for your family? Is there a need for additional research.

Then take a look at the offer for your child and your family. You are always welcome in my practice in Maasmechelen or save time and I come to your home. During the week this is also possible in consultation for the Leuven / Mechelen region.




At the moment the sessions with both parents and children are happening again in the practice, and the sessions at home can also take place again.

BUT, given that the online offer is easier for some people, or people currently feel more safe with this, this offer will certainly be retained. The possibility to do this depends on the possibilities of the children and will be discussed with you as a parent/gardian. Depending on your possibilities, the online sessions will take place via Whatsapp / Hangouts / Google Meet / ...

Do you need a someone to talk to, extra tips and support? Send an email to and briefly state what your situation is and what you're currently going through. I will contact you as soon as possible to see what the options are. There is currently a waiting list for the start up of sessions with new children.